When will this movie be released?

We are currently in the process of color correcting this film to meet broadcast specifications.
Next, we’ll turn the edit over to our composer, who will create an original score for the movie.

We were hoping to have ‘The Unknowns’ finished and ready for screenings by this Veterans Day, 2015. 
Due to the time consuming process of post-production, we’ve had to push back that date. 

Now we can confidently say the film will be completed and released by Memorial Day, 2016.

How can I watch ‘The Unknowns’ once it’s finished

Right now we’re seeking distribution through several outlets.

Once ‘The Unknowns’ is 100% complete, we plan to release it in select theaters, in stores on Blu-Ray and DVD, and through online video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
We also plan to make the movie available through online purchase and digital download.

If you wish to receive updates on our progress as we finish this film, please consider leaving your email information on our contact page.