Who We Are

We strive to help you improve your film viewing experience by bringing you lesser known but great movies.

Film viewing ushers us into a realm bounded only by our imagination. The immersive experience allows us to glimpse into a world where almost everything exist.

However, we as film enthusiasts have found that a lot of people are only able to view or watch mainstream movies robbing them of the opportunity to be able to expand their experience to other movies that are not well known.

Thus, this blog is created so that our readers will be able to catch a glimpse of the other side of mainstream movies and be able to immerse themselves in the experience of watching lesser known films.

The Authors

Madeleine Beauchamps

Madeleine Beauchamps

Screenwriter/movie buff

Movie genres: film-noir, action, history, sci-fi

Archaimbau Pelletier

Archaimbau Pelletier

Videographer/movie buff

Movie genres: horror, documentaries, art house