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How to Get The Best Out of Netflix in 2020

Netflix is an American media service provider with its Headquarters in California. Although Netflix had been around for quite a while (1997), it wasn’t until about 2012 that they became trendy. Initially, the focus of Netflix was more on DVD sales and rentals. 

In 2010, they expanded their business to include media streaming. That same year, they started to spread their tentacles around the world, beginning with Canada and then Latin America and the Caribbean. 

In 2013, Netflix started content production with its debut series, House of Cards. Operating in about 190 countries in 2016, the company had released over 126 series as well as movies.

Today, Netflix offers thousands of movies to over 200 million subscribers across the world. Interestingly, their services are so good. They give you suggestions. Using artificial intelligence, the accuracy of the suggestions would actually wow you.

Even with these accurate suggestions, picking out what to watch can still be a heck of a task. You would still find yourself stuck asking the question, ‘What should I watch on Netflix Canada 2020?’ If you are very particular about what you want, this article has put together the finest movies to see on Netflix Canada in 2020. 

Top 5 Netflix Movie Suggestions for 2020

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Here is a list of movies carefully selected that you can see on Netflix Canada in 2020 with a little review on them as well:

  • Marriage Story (2019)

Noah Baumbach’s movie tells a beautiful illusion story about love. The film starts with a couple who can barely get off one another. Soon enough, they soon come to realize that they are not perfect for each other.

The sequel goes on as they both find out that their futures do not match. Both parties start the ugly process of tearing apart gradually. The movie sees the woman, Nicole, played by Actress Scarlett Johansson, move to Los Angeles. 

On the other hand, the man Charlie (Adam Driver) prefers to stay back in New York. The rest of the movie shows both parties take turns in dividing up what is left of their lives.

For those who would like to know, the movie has a Rotten Tomato review of 95%. The film is rated R and has a runtime of about 2hours, 17 minutes (137 minutes).  

  • To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You (2020)

The romance comedy movie is a continuation of the Netflix hit movie ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.’ In this one, Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) finally set out on their love quest to find out what a real relationship means. Along the line, Jean starts having doubts as to her long-time crush reapers.

Although many people consider it less genuine than the first part, the movie is still a sweet one. The chemistry between the two lead characters, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, is enough to keep one glued to his screens. 

To cap it all, the soundtrack that comes as a bonus with the movie is simply amazing. Online reviews give the Michael Figmonari movie, a 75% score. The film runs for 1 hour and 41 minutes (101minutes), and it’s rated NR. 

  • The Irishman (2019)

The Martin Scorsese movie, based on true events, describes gangster life in a low-key manner. The film tells the events around the 1950s of how a truck driver got involved in crime.

The intermediate crime drama movie watches Frank as he does jobs for a crime lord. As he moved up the ranks, he had to work with the legend Jimmy Hoffa. 

The movie speaks for itself globally, as it is regarded as one of the best films produced in 2019 with a 96% online review score. The downside to it, however, is that it is a bit long, 3hours and 29 minutes (209 minutes). It is rated R, and it is quite engaging.

  • Dolemite is My Name (2019)

Yet another historical concept see Eddie Murphy return triumphantly into movie screens after a long break. The movie describes how Rudy Ray Moore, a musician with a dying career, transforms into a Blaxploitation character in the 1970s. 

Eventually, Moore became known by the stage name, Dolemite. After this, he became a cult star. The movie was one of many attempts by Netflix in 2019 to win an Oscar. Unfortunately, Dolomite failed in that respect, but the film was able to achieve its goal.

The Craig Brewer movie sees Eddie Murphy take a slightly different role than usual while being as hilarious as ever. Online reviews give the film a 97% score, and it is rated R. 

  • Crip Camp: A disability Revolution (2020)

The American movie directed by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht is a Documentary movie. Released under Higher Ground Productions, it describes the events that took place in camp Jened. 

Camp Jened is a special camp for teens with disabilities in New York. The inspiring and yet entertaining movie that speaks about a group of teens who volunteered for the disability rights movement. As activists, these teens fought for accessibility legislation. 

It tells the story of a group while highlighting the extreme importance of togetherness and unity in a community. The movie, since its release this year, has been well received by critics. 

It has a perfect 100% score from rotten tomatoes and a 86% score from Metacritic. Interestingly, the movie, which is less than three months old, already has two awards and two award nominations to its name. The film is rated R and runs for an hour and 46minutes (106 minutes). 


Mentioning all the movies that you can see on Netflix in 2020 would be exhaustive. Just in case you are done watching these movies, and you still need answers to the question What can I watch on Netflix Canada 2020?’ Your best bet would be to work with the suggestions you have after watching these movies. You can also read reviews online to make your final decision easy. 

Best Nail color

Choosing The Right Color for Your Nails

Choosing the color to paint your nails is a fun and creative process. However, considering the multitude of colors available out there, you may get confused quickly. There are several nail salons in Cincinnati where you can get your nails painted with expertise.

But when it comes to picking the color, you’re in charge. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what color should I paint my nails,” here is the answer you seek.

What Determines the Color you Paint Your Nails?

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When it comes to picking the color to paint your nails, you put a lot of factors into consideration. There are many colors of nail polish out there. You have to use the color that sits well with you. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Mood and Personality

Colors go a long way in depicting your mood and personality type. If you are happy or sad, moody or jovial, or whatever you feel, there is a color. There are colors to reflect a wild, gentle, or sophisticated personality. Some colors portray them. You might want to express your mood by wearing a color that reflects it.

If you are happy or want to give off an energetic outlook, a white, green, orange, or yellow color will do. These colors are bright and make you look the part. If you want to portray a gentle look, colors like pink and light purple are for you. These colors are subdued and give off a played down look.

If you are the party type, fun-loving, and wild, go for black or silver. Wearing a color that matches your mood and personality will make you comfortable. Deep colors like deep purple or red will make you look sophisticated. Deep wine will go for a moody look.

The Occasion

Where you are going to determine the color of your dress, well, the color of your nails is no exception. There are places where you will wear a loud tone or glitters, and it will be okay. But there are places where you have to wear subdued colors.

For instance, for an occasion like an interview, you do not need to spark before your interviewers. A nude color will do. If you are not a fan of nude shades, you can use light pink, gray, or white. The goal is to look as close to natural as possible. If the nude and pink colors are too subdued for you, you can use red. The red should resonate with your outfit.

If you are attending an occasion that requires you to wear specific colors, your nail polish should coordinate with your attire. If you are dressing for a particular holiday, you may want to wear colors associated with the holiday. For instance, a green or red glittery polish will go with Christmas.

The Color of your Dress and Make-Up

The color of your nails has to resonate with your dress and make-up. Not that you should wear a red dress, use red lipstick, and wear red nail polish. Although, it is not out of place to have the red color featuring often. The goal is coordination.

Mucking up your appearance does not appeal to anyone. There is no point mixing in too much color. A harmonious blend is essential.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone will dictate the color to paint your nails. Pink is the universal color because it fits most skin tones. You might want to adjust the shade according to your taste. Blue, purple, and red goes with any skin tone.

However, the darker shades are better for darker skin tones. Wine red and deep blue and purple resonate with darker skin more than a light one. If you are light-skinned, nude color is right. It blends with your skin color. A neutral nail polish suits anyone irrespective of their skin tones. It only makes your nails glitter.

What are the Best Colors to Paint your Nails?

Best Colors to Paint your Nails

The choice of the color to paint your nails is personal but also general. Your mood, personality, or the occasion can determine the color to wear. You can also make your choice nevertheless.

There are several colors to paint your nails. But, some colors appeal more than others. Here are some colors that look very good on people:

  • Neutral: No color beats neutral. It is as classy and sophisticated as it is simple. It hides little errors.
  • Pink: Pink serves everyone. A shade that is closer to your natural nails is better. Other shades are also beautiful, depending on your skin tone.
  • Nude: Nude is beautiful and responsible. It is suitable for any formal outing. It is a go-to color for corporate workers.
  • Red: Red spells sophistication. If you want to look classy, pick a red shade that resonates with your skin tone, and rock it! Everyone loves cherry red.
  • Purple: Purple is royalty, even on your nails. It’s a color that accentuates the beauty of your nails.
  • Green: Green is a color that appeals to everyone, especially the dark shade of it. That explains why it is popular in 2020.
  • Gray: The gray color of nail polish is an all-time pleaser. It sits well with any skin tone and spells class.
  • Metallics: Metallic is versatile and splendid. It suits any skin tone, occasion, or personality. The blend of silver and gold is unique.

With these colors, you cannot go wrong. They are all-time winners and perfect. However, this list is not exclusive because other colors make the cut but are not listed here. Ultimately, the color you chose to paint your nails lies in your creativity.


Getting your nails polished in Cincinnati is not a difficult task. There are salons everywhere with experts in the job. The tricky aspect of getting your nails done is picking the color to wear. If you plan your routine or choose your color impromptu, this article will open your eyes to the best choice to make and why.